Troubleshoot Quickbooks Web Connector Error QBWC1085

The Quickbooks Web Connector Error QBWX1085 is one of the types of error that you might encounter while using the Quickbooks Web Connector App. the application can be used to access the qbXML and qbposXML in between the QB Pos Software and web-based application. This error generally occurs when the user tries to open the company file and it doesn’t allow the user to write the log files. If you want to know more about this in detail then go through this article.

Quickbooks Web Connector Error

In this blog, we will discuss the causes of Quickbooks Web Connector Error QBWC105 and some common troubleshooting methods to fix the issue.

A Brief Introduction of Quickbooks Error Code QBWX1085

While trying to open the Quickbooks company file you might get the Quickbooks web Connector error message on the screen or any other exception type error message on the screen. These are some of the impacts of this QB error code.

  • Quickbooks Web connector was restricted to open and write the log file.
  • The software will start processing without even opening the log file.
  • You are unable to open the log file due to any kind of issue.
  • The Web Connector program will start processing without the log file.

Steps to Add New Web Service in Web Connector

The steps to add a new web service in the Quickbooks Web Connector application is explained below. You can open the .qwc file using the Web connector software easily. You can use the QBWC tool that can open the XML file automatically which is saved with .qwc extension. You can use the QB web Connector program with any of the Quickbook Desktop product that supports Quickbooks SDK and QBPOS SDK. here is the list of the things that are included in this service.

  • Quickbooks Software U.S. Edition
    • Premier
    • Quickbooks Enterprise
    • Quickbooks Pro
    • Quickbooks Point Of Sale
    • Quickbooks Online Simple Start
  • Quickbooks software U.K. Edition
  • Quickbooks software Canada Edition.

Reasons for Quickbooks Web Connector Error QBWC1085

In general, we can say that this Quickbooks Error occurs due to two main reasons. One is that the Quickbooks software is unable to write the log file and the other one states that there is an issue with the log file and Quickbooks will open without the log file. Below listed are some of the reasons that can help you understand the causes of this Quickbooks error.

  • If the Quickbooks software is unable to write to your log files then you can get this error.
  • This error can also occur due to corrupted or damaged Web connector files that can lead to this error.
  • When Quickbooks software connects with third-party apps to get information.
  • You can also run the Quickbooks Web Connector software by disabling the damaged Quickbooks Components. Make sure to not connect the Quickbooks Components unless an error message will pop on the screen. 
  • The Web connector error code can vary between 1005 to 1085 depending upon the issues that occurred in the log file component of the web connector software.

Troubleshooting steps for Quickbooks Web Connector Error QBWC 1085

Quickbooks Web Connector Error QBWX1085


Make sure to enable the web connector software and then follow these steps to troubleshoot the Quickbooks Error Code 1085.

  • Start the run program by pressing the windows+ R key.
  • After opening the run program window, enter “Msconfig” in the box and press the enter key.Quickbooks Error
  • Go to the startup tab and mark the Quickbooks Web Connector option.
  • Click on Apply and Ok to save the changes.
  • After completing the steps, restart your device and start the Quickbooks software.
  • Check whether the error has been resolved or not.

If you are still getting the Quickbooks error then you can try the next solution.

Solution: 2
  • Right-click on the Quickbooks Web Connector option from the taskbar.
  • Now click on the Exit option to turn the software off.
  • Open the location of the log file.
  • Go to C drive and open the Program Data folder.
  • Click on the Intuit folder and choose the QbWebConnector folder.
  • Open the log folder and right-click on the QWCLOG.TXT file and choose the rename option.
  • Now rename the file by adding old QWCLOGOLD.TXT and then save the file.
  • Reboot your computer and run the Quickbooks Web connector software.
  • Now check if the Quickbooks Error Code 1085 still persists or not.

However, if you are unable to resolve the issue in these ways then you can ask for assistance from experts at Quickbooks. In case, You have got Quickbooks POS Socket error 10060 then you might need some assistance to fix it. They will help you in troubleshooting this solution in some easy ways. You need to simply report your issue to them and they will respond to you with the best possible solution.

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